Days 84-87 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

Days 84-87: Writing Through a Haze It’s finally Friday! And to make the day even better it’s a Friday before a holiday!!!!!  Ah, to relax, curl up in a blanket, and watch TV movies to which I can already guess the ending. The desire to do all of the aforementioned activities is amplified by theContinue reading “Days 84-87 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”

Days 80 & 81 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

I’ve stated on numerous occasions that inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of moments. I’ll revise that statement slightly: Inspiration strikes in the quietest and simplest of moments. The past two days are examples of such a claim. Day 80: DADDY LONG LEGS Heartwarming, lovely, charming, elegantly told, and beautifully presented – that’s how I’dContinue reading “Days 80 & 81 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”

Day Twenty-Eight of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY 28: Garden Inspiration I don’t have a green thumb (perhaps a purple one when I hit it with a hammer by accident), but I do love gardens. I can’t tell you the names of most types of flowers or herbs, or what perennial means, yet they inspire my artistic soul. That fascination with gardensContinue reading “Day Twenty-Eight of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”

Day Seven of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY SEVEN: This’ll Be Brief Tonight’s entry in my daily writer’s log will be brief. Why? I’m too busy working on my novels/TV pilot draft It’s a jam-packed night of returning TV dramas that are on my must-watch list I tried something a little different when I got home from work – I took aContinue reading “Day Seven of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”

Novel Update

After completing the latest draft of my YA novel, I read through the content with an objective perspective and asked myself the hard questions: Do I want to keep reading? Do any key elements get lost in the dialogue or subplots? Are there any characters that don’t move the story forward? Who is the storyContinue reading “Novel Update”

Day 57 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge

111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge: Spiritual Growth Through Creative Expression Day 57: Fact and Fiction Investing in stories and characters Rooting for or against Draws you in and holds your attention Page after page, scene after scene, and episode to episode   You know it’s not real I’m frequently told And the fact is irrelevantContinue reading “Day 57 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge”

Done yet?

Did I really think my novel would be ready in a year? Yes – actually i did.  I thought the mere fact that I finished a book would somehow be enough good energy to push open publishing doors.  That people would flock to read my creation simply because I wrote it.  Sure, I figured there’d needContinue reading “Done yet?”

Perfection: My roadblock

I’ve never thought of myself as a perfectionist.  I procrastinated, second guessed and doubted throughout most of my high school and college career. “Was I writing about the right topic? Was I getting my point across? Will the professor like it?” All these worries worked on my self-esteem until I ended up putting off theContinue reading “Perfection: My roadblock”