Additional Themed Blogs

My interests are many, so too are my number of blogs!

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While other blogs may deconstruct a film, television program or theatrical presentation in order to explain their successes or failings, this blog focuses on that which moves us.  Those finished works of art that prompt discussion, introspection and motivation.  The films that become your all-time favorites but you can’t quite explain why.  The TV shows you look forward to watching each week yet they seldom get critical recognition.  And the play or musical that gives you newfound respect for the exceptional world of live theatre.


Branches and Leaves are the links to our ancestors.  Some are strong while others brittle, but they are our connections nonetheless.


A.S.W. was created with the intention of celebrating, championing, and exploring the artist within and how creative expression is one path towards spiritual exploration, and vice versa.


The two key elements of my jewelry designs, vivid pendants and accenting bead colors, help me create a range of finished pieces.  Those designs inspired short stories, so I’ve blended the two creative interests together on this blog.

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