7-Week Writing Challenge

Credit: Kaitlyn C. 2021

Unshelve the Writer is a 7-week writing challenge prompting scribes to hone their skills across various genres.

This challenge was created by a group of writers who also work in a library setting. From poetry to novels or screenwriting to short fiction, our love of literature extends to creating it. Join us as we challenge one another to keep developing our skills and inspire others to nurture the writer within.

Each Monday, starting April 12th 2021, we will post the coming week’s theme (i.e. poetry, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Creative Non-Fiction, Romance/Comedy) in the form of a downloadable document for your convenience.

Spend the next six days drafting and crafting your content as you see fit. If you have any questions or need feedback during the week, comment below or email UnshelveTheWriter@gmail.com. We’ll check back in on the weekend to share (optional) what we’ve created.

*No official library affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. This is strictly voluntary and done outside of our professional environment.*

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