Day Twenty-Eight of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY 28: Garden Inspiration I don’t have a green thumb (perhaps a purple one when I hit it with a hammer by accident), but I do love gardens. I can’t tell you the names of most types of flowers or herbs, or what perennial means, yet they inspire my artistic soul. That fascination with gardensContinue reading “Day Twenty-Eight of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”

Motivational Monday: Bloom and Grow

Tending to each petal With delicate touch and sense Fragile yet resilient In both beauty and depth The stem digs deep To find a connection Providing a sturdy base From which to grow Exists but only a time Enhancing the surroundings With color, vitality, and beauty.

Writing Prompt Wednesday: On Your Own

What does the image above inspire you to create? Write a short story, poem, song, essay, or piece of fan fiction. Let your imagination take hold without second-guessing where the words will take you. I’d love to read the finished works, so please comment below and share the link to your blog or website.  If youContinue reading “Writing Prompt Wednesday: On Your Own”