Days 22 & 23 of the Love Write Now Pledge

LOVE LOVE LOVE Our world’s wounded in ways I can’t comprehend nor heal, and yet I yearn to help. What can one person do in the midst of so much chaos, hatred, and intolerance? Learn and love – that’s a perfect place for me to start. I do not claim to be a learned individualContinue reading “Days 22 & 23 of the Love Write Now Pledge”

Day 14 of the Love Write Now Pledge

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with self-doubt and low self-esteem. I see a scarred woman in the mirror who’s pretty but not beautiful, artistic not talented, and content but not fulfilled. I see my beauty when I’m my most joyful and passionate; when I am in my element. my head, andContinue reading “Day 14 of the Love Write Now Pledge”

42 and Counting: Why I’m Celebrating Another Year

As I approach my 42nd birthday this week, I do so as a survivor of congenital heart disease, depression, and anxiety. I am glad to be alive for if my suicide attempt twenty-six years ago had been successful, I would have missed my sisters’ weddings, the birth of their children, meaningful friendships, and life-changing theatreContinue reading “42 and Counting: Why I’m Celebrating Another Year”

Motivational Monday Poem: On a Breeze

The rejuvenation of Spring Kisses the eyelids Pierces the soul Awakens the senses   Nature and Nurture – equal parts home The origin of life and how well we live it Moments pass, noticed or not Renewing, refreshing, and re-energizing   We are part of a whole Connected though holy apart

Motivational Monday Poem: Destinations Known

Energy, pure and radiant Kissing the skin, Warming the spirit Connecting us to past, present, and future   Alive to the moment Cognizant of what came before Transfixed and determined Moving ahead while looking back   Paths winding and veiled by fog Heading toward destinations uncertain But not unknown

Sunday SoulJourn: Love Trumps Hate

“I hate mosquitos.” While that declaration is true for many of us, when stated from the mouth of my toddler-age niece it became a lesson on many levels.  “We don’t say ‘hate’,” was the adults’ response. “Say ‘don’t like’ instead.” I watched the loving, independent, inquisitive child play and clarity hit me like a buildingContinue reading “Sunday SoulJourn: Love Trumps Hate”

Days 74 & 75 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAYS 74 & 75: A Writing Career I’m a Writer? When people ask me what I do for a living, I have two answers: •    I am currently utilizing the temporary staffing format for expansion of my skill sets •    I am a writer The latter answer yields a significant amount of questions and sincereContinue reading “Days 74 & 75 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”

Days 66-70 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

What a hectic week it has been! The 111 DWJ encountered obstacles both internal and external this week, hence the lack of a new post since Thanksgiving. In the midst of struggles, I seek refuge in my love of writing; I turned those hurdles into stepping stones through a Motivational Monday Tuesday poem. TRAVELING COMPANIONSContinue reading “Days 66-70 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”