Countdown to THE SPIRIT PROJECTOR’s 2nd Birthday

Come February 4th, my debut novel turns 2! I’m busy working on the second book in the trilogy, with the goal of a mid-late 2022 publication. I’ve set some benchmarks to help me reach my goal and will be posting here on a more regular basis to keep myself on track. Stay tuned!!!

Done yet?

Did I really think my novel would be ready in a year? Yes – actually i did.  I thought the mere fact that I finished a book would somehow be enough good energy to push open publishing doors.  That people would flock to read my creation simply because I wrote it.  Sure, I figured there’d needContinue reading “Done yet?”


Welcome to my journey towards novel publication!  Now that the “easy” part of writing a book is complete I must proceed into the always daunting world of self-marketing. Having recently completed a 79,000 word Young Adult Fantasy I am pursuing the options available to me as an author.  Do I seek agent representation?  Or go theContinue reading “Greetings!”