Motivational Monday Poem: Words Bruised and Unspoken

Anger, fear, bitterness seep into our soul Course through our bodies like an infestation Spreading hate and fueling bigotry We react to dispel the virus within Unconcerned with the peril in which we put others   Our words matter, whether used as a healer or weapon They speak volumes about what is left unsaid RevelationsContinue reading “Motivational Monday Poem: Words Bruised and Unspoken”

Come Alive with The Greatest Showman

Originally posted on An Entertaining Idea:
I love The Greatest Showman. No, adore is more fitting! I adore everything about this fantastic, heartwarming, toe-tapping, inspiring musical. If you have yet to see the film, bookmark this post and go buy the digital, DVD, or streaming copy – it’s worth your time and your money. As…

Day Sixty-One of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Sunday SoulJourn Poem

Day 61: A Beautiful Sight Staring at a blank screen, the cursor teasing me with its incessant blinking. “Come on. Write,” it implores. “As you wish,” I reply. I stare at my not-so-smart phone, and wait eagerly for the light that notifies me of electronic interaction with friends and strangers. I stare at the movieContinue reading “Day Sixty-One of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Sunday SoulJourn Poem”

Sunday SoulJourn: Week Three in My Spiritual Journey

16 August 2015: Steering Straight Ahead My sister and I ventured back to NJ this morning for some meditation and motivation. My initial idea for this week’s post came to me as I stared at the stunning display of Buddhist images, symbols, and decor on the opposite wall. I noticed a beautiful, peach-colored lotus blossomContinue reading “Sunday SoulJourn: Week Three in My Spiritual Journey”