Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 22, 2015

Day Sixty-One of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Sunday SoulJourn Poem

Day 61: A Beautiful Sight

Staring at a blank screen, the cursor teasing me with its incessant blinking. “Come on. Write,” it implores. “As you wish,” I reply.

I stare at my not-so-smart phone, and wait eagerly for the light that notifies me of electronic interaction with friends and strangers.

I stare at the movie screen, enthralled with the story and impressed by a screenplay that inspires me to keep writing.

I stare at the words of fiction that implore me to continue typing, determined to tell a story that matters to me.  

I stare at the evening sky, the setting sun painting nature’s canvas with vivid strokes of pinks and purples.

I stare at my reflection when the computer falls asleep, and see beauty that pales in comparison to that which my camera captures.

I turn my gaze away from sights unbecoming of the woman that I am. I cannot control the beauty of nature, but I can add to it when I view beauty within.



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