Jen and Lena: How Kathleen McGowan’s novels changed my life

“I have loved you before I love you today and I will love you again. The time returns.” – Kathleen McGowan The Expected One It’s been nearly a year and a half since my older sister passed, and she’s been on my mind and in my dreams more often than not lately. Jen was aContinue reading “Jen and Lena: How Kathleen McGowan’s novels changed my life”

Sunday SoulJourn: Spiritual Visit

20 September 2015 Just in case you haven’t heard, the Pope is coming to Philly! This would be a bigger deal for me if Catholicism, or Christianity in general, still offered solutions to my spiritual needs. Quite a few years have passed since I last found solace in the religion which I once treasured. ForContinue reading “Sunday SoulJourn: Spiritual Visit”

Keep Moving Forward Challenge: Week Seven

Spring is nearly here! Thank heavens to Betsy – whoever Betsy is!!!! I love the season called spring, and not only because I was born during this season. It’s a time of celebration, spiritual renewal, and inspiration for me. CELEBRATION During April and May, my immediate family celebrates seven birthdays. We decorate in early April, and keepContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward Challenge: Week Seven”

Day 111 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge: The Finale

111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge: Spiritual Growth Through Creative Expression Day 111: Artistic Spirit Finale *I wrote the following piece many years ago, during a time when my spirituality was strengthening and my religious identification floundering.  As I’ve stated before, I consider religion and spirituality to be separate entities, and it is not my intention toContinue reading “Day 111 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge: The Finale”