Keep Moving Forward Challenge: Week Seven

Spring is nearly here! Thank heavens to Betsy – whoever Betsy is!!!!


I love the season called spring, and not only because I was born during this season. It’s a time of celebration, spiritual renewal, and inspiration for me.


During April and May, my immediate family celebrates seven birthdays. We decorate in early April, and keep them up through the end of May. I love birthday months in our family, because there’s so much joy and laughter. We have a lot to celebrate this year, and that knowledge motivates and inspires me every single day. Plus, we celebrate Easter during this glorious season…and that just so happens to be my favorite holiday. I love the frilly dresses and bonnets, the vibrant colors, finding Easter eggs scattered throughout the yard, and chocolate…can’t forget that!


Though many people have labeled me as ‘religious’, I distance myself from that categorization; the term ‘spiritual’ fits better. I have always felt more empowered through a personal relationship with the deity named God. Formulized religion sometimes counteracted the development of that relationship and only had me shaking my head in disappointment. The religion that defined my childhood and early adult years no longer fulfills my spiritual needs, and keeping my heart and soul open to other possibilities is key to my personal growth. Although my religious search continues, I still thoroughly embrace Easter. There’s something so magical about that holiday, as though all seems possible!

The difference now is that while I believe all is possible, I understand that I must keep moving in order for the possible to become probable. That’s not always easy, nor does it happen in a timely fashion, but I realize that I must continue growing and progressing in all facets of my life – professionally, personally, and as a member of society.


I am a proud member of two writing group: the Pennwood Writers’ Group and the Lower Bucks Creative Writers. Through this association, I have developed friendships that will span the test of time. These are people who build me up yet tell me the truth, cheer my triumphs and bemoan the hurdles, and inspire me with their artistic talent. Discussing the craft and sharing insights has helped me become a more confident writer, and I relish the opportunity to interact with my fellow artists. In fact, come June 12-14th I’ll be doing just that at the 2015 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference. I highly recommend attending this 3-day conference, whether you live in the Philly area or not.


  • Auditioned for a local theatre and got a callback right away!
  • Completed multiple blog entries for my author and genealogy blogs
  • Came up with a way to develop one of the characters in my YA novel
  • Decided which workshops I want to take during the 2015 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference
  • Took a walk around the block with my niece and nephew

I’m breaking out the cracked shell that I’ve kept myself in and rising with the season’s change. I’m excited to welcome each day and the lessons that await!

*REMINDER: Use #keepmovingforwardchallenge on social media to connect with others who have joined in this journey.*

Is spring your favorite of the four seasons? If so, why? What helps renew your inspiration when you feel stuck?

Published by Kelly Deeny

I am a writer, singer, jewelry designer, and theatre enthusiast. I use various forms of artistic expression for personal reflection, community discussion and creative inspiration. My premiere novel encapsulates all of the above. Follow along on my journey towards an artistic career!

4 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward Challenge: Week Seven

  1. Spring is definitely my favorite season. It reminds me that no matter how shriveled up and sad things can become there is hope. I love the newness, the freshness and the miracles. I love Easter too.
    I am looking forward to the PWC too! I think I know what workshops I will sign up for.

  2. I too identify as spiritual rather than religious. Just the word spiritual implies more room to grow for me.

    Spring is absolutely a season of renewal! Enjoy your celebrations.

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