42 and Counting: Why I’m Celebrating Another Year

As I approach my 42nd birthday this week, I do so as a survivor of congenital heart disease, depression, and anxiety. I am glad to be alive for if my suicide attempt twenty-six years ago had been successful, I would have missed my sisters’ weddings, the birth of their children, meaningful friendships, and life-changing theatreContinue reading “42 and Counting: Why I’m Celebrating Another Year”

My Birthday Wish: Making 40 Count

“What do you want for your birthday?” – This question stumps me every year even though books, CDs, DVDs, and writing supplies are staple responses. However, as I turn 40 this May I know exactly what I want: I need your help supporting causes that matter to me on a personal level. Who am I?Continue reading “My Birthday Wish: Making 40 Count”

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Wrap Up

I thought long and hard about what to write about on the final week of the Petals of Appreciation campaign. Given that July 4th is such an important occasion in my beloved country, I figured I SHOULD focus on those who formed this country and the ones who continue to fight for it.

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Happy Father’s Day

WEEK FIVE UPDATE: This week’s Petals of Appreciation celebrates the fathers in my life: my dad, my brothers-in-law, friends, uncles, and grandpops. Here are some examples of why you deserve my appreciation today and everyday: You impart a love of learning – reading to them at night and doing homework You support their extracurricular interestsContinue reading “Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Happy Father’s Day”

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Philadelphia Writers’ Conference

Set amidst a city rich with history, the 2015 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference made an impression that will last for years to come!

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Writing Groups

WEEK THREE UPDATE: Writing can be a lonely art form.  We sit with our computers or empty notebook and wait for inspiration to hit us.  We become affixed to our need to create.  To leave something tangible, meaningful, and valuable behind when we depart this life…but we don’t have to go close ourselves off in order toContinue reading “Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Writing Groups”