Writing Prompt Wednesday: For the Dogs

This week’s Writing Prompt Wednesday has gone to the dogs! Use the image above as creative inspiration. Draft a short story, poem, song, or letter to the editor about an animal cruelty. Most importantly, don’t self edit as you go. Just write!

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Location

Pick a country different than the one in which you currently reside and use it as creative inspiration. Make it the setting for a short story, song, or screenplay. Write a personal essay about why this particular location interests you. Draft a journalistic-style article about said location. Most importantly, don’t second guess your artistic ideas.Continue reading “Writing Prompt Wednesday: Location”

Writing Prompt Wednesday: A Lovely Duo

Write a story that features two characters. They could be living/dead, human/not, or biographical/fictional. There is no restriction on style or length. Just write! Remember to use #WritingPromptWednesday on social media to connect with others.

Writing Prompt Wednesday: On Your Own

What does the image above inspire you to create? Write a short story, poem, song, essay, or piece of fan fiction. Let your imagination take hold without second-guessing where the words will take you. I’d love to read the finished works, so please comment below and share the link to your blog or website.  If youContinue reading “Writing Prompt Wednesday: On Your Own”

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Wordy Trio

Use the words above as inspiration for a piece of writing. It can be non-fiction or fictional, a play, a scene on a TV show, poem, or essay.  There are no correct answers or guidelines you must follow. Let the story flow…don’t second guess where it takes you.  Just write!!!! I’d love to read the finishedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Wednesday: Wordy Trio”

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Curtain Calls

Use the image below as inspiration for a story (fictional or non-fiction), and include all five senses (or more) when drafting your piece. Imagine that a set of red velour curtains are blocking your view. As they part, what do you see? Are you sitting in a theatre, clapping excitedly as the cast takes their final bows? Are you part ofContinue reading “Writing Prompt Wednesday: Curtain Calls”

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Dead or Alive

Let’s change it up a bit for this week’s writing prompt! Use the image above as inspiration for a story (non-fiction or fictional), BUT take the following criteria into account when drafting your piece. Include one protagonist and one antagonist. One character is alive and one is dead. Choose a setting that you have not yetContinue reading “Writing Prompt Wednesday: Dead or Alive”