Unshelve the Writer: Mid-Week One Check-In

We’re midway through week one of the 7-week writing challenge! How’s everyone doing so far? I started off slowly – writing bits and pieces, alternating between journaling and short stories. Had a burst of inspiration this morning (thanks to the photo above from my garden) and am interested to see where it leads. What aboutContinue reading “Unshelve the Writer: Mid-Week One Check-In”

Unshelve the Writer: a 7-Week Writing Challenge

Calling fellow writers! I don’t know about you, but writing during this past year has been quite challenging; my level of motivation near non-existent. I needed a boost of inspiration and thought back to when I created writing/artistic spirit challenges to keep myself motivated (111-Day Artistic Spirit Pledge). “I should do that again,” I decided!Continue reading “Unshelve the Writer: a 7-Week Writing Challenge”

Short Story Creation from Writing Prompt Wednesday

The challenge for this week’s Writing Prompt Wednesday was to create a short story using the image below as inspiration and based on the following criteria: Two characters (ages must differ by at least ten years) One animal (unless your two characters are animals, then add one person) Time period in the past or futureContinue reading “Short Story Creation from Writing Prompt Wednesday”

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Benched

You’ve been “benched” for this week’s Writing Prompt Wednesday! Use the image above as creative inspiration. Imagine you are seated on the bench.  What do you see, hear, and smell?  Are you there alone or does someone join you? Draft a short story, poem, song, or scene for a screenplay. Most importantly, don’t self editContinue reading “Writing Prompt Wednesday: Benched”

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Travel

Use the image above as creative inspiration. Draft a short story, poem, song, travelogue entry, or in-depth essay about the dangers of careless driving. There are no right or wrong answers. Just write! *Please share your WPW experience in the comment section below. What were you inspired to create?*  

Days 105 & 106 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Writing Prompt Wednesday

It’s my first Writing Prompt Wednesday posting in the new year and the last during the 111DWJ. With that in mind, I chose the image below as a reminder of all the possibilities ahead. Draft a short story, poem, song, or journal entry about what your goals are for the new year.  Have fun andContinue reading “Days 105 & 106 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Writing Prompt Wednesday”

Day 83 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY 83: Writing Prompt Wednesday Use the image below as a source of creative inspiration. Draft a film noir story, poem, or write a flash fiction piece set in an alternate universe. Pick up those pens or pencils! Charge up your tablet! Ready? And….write!!!!!