Day 7 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge

111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge: Spiritual Growth Through Creative Expression Day 7:  The Five Reasons I Enjoy Watching ABC’s Revenge! In Day 2’s post, I wrote about how television drama series can inspire me on a creative level.  They keep my artistic juices flowing and my creativity engaged. Less than a dozen TV dramas madeContinue reading “Day 7 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge”

Following My Dreams into an Artistic Career

…once I pinpoint what they are exactly! BACKSTORY In all my time as a mentor to teenagers, I spouted the idea of believing in yourself and following your dreams.  That’s wonderful advice which would be even more valuable if I took my own insights to heart.  I have many “dreams” and coordinating skills but haveContinue reading “Following My Dreams into an Artistic Career”