Sunday SoulJourn: Lights, Camera, Acting

Life’s path winds, twists, and circles along my spiritual journey. Many times over the course of four decades I’ve stopped moving, remained stuck in quicksand, or shook with fear. The belief that I must keep moving forward provided inspiration and energy when fatigue or frustration set in. How do I take that first step? IContinue reading “Sunday SoulJourn: Lights, Camera, Acting”

Days 101 & 102 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: My 2016 Goal

I don’t know about you, but I start each new calendar year resolved to be more focused, organized, healthier, and/or financially stable. I set lofty goals that I stop reaching for around mid-February. Then, I slip on the coat of guilt, shame, and embarrassment as penance for my lack of resolve and determination. This pastContinue reading “Days 101 & 102 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: My 2016 Goal”

Day Fifty-Three of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Happy Anniversary, Soap Opera Digest

Today’s entry in the 111 Day Writer’s Journey celebrates the 40th Anniversary of SOAP OPERA DIGEST.

Day Thirty-Seven of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY 37: Piloting My Creativity I don’t know about you, fellow writers, but certain stories just fit into a particular format. For instance, I wrote my YA fantasty/magic realism adventure as a novel because the language required an expansive canvas. However, most of my prior writing focused on stories fit for the big screen orContinue reading “Day Thirty-Seven of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey”

Sunday SoulJourn: Entertainment Path

13 September 2015 I soljourned this weekend to one of my favorite places in the United States – Los Angeles! Some say it’s a big city like all the others: loud, noisy, overcrowded with buildings and people. For them, that may hold true. I see it differently. I feel at home there, as though theContinue reading “Sunday SoulJourn: Entertainment Path”

Keep Moving Forward Challenge: Week Five

A STEP IN THE ‘WRITE’ DIRECTION I’m riding the waves, walking through those open doors, and gaining momentum along my journey. This past week, I wasn’t just moving forward…I was walking with my head held high, confidence in each step, and a song in my heart. If you’ve read my bio or followed along theContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward Challenge: Week Five”

Day 105 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge

  111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge: Spiritual Growth Through Creative Expression Day 105: Writing About Revenge (Drama Series) We’re halfway through the fourth season of ABC’s REVENGE , and I’m as invested as I was four years ago. I proudly wear the label REVENGER, as many of my fellow Revenge viewers do. Why, you mayContinue reading “Day 105 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge”