2020 Vision: A Letter to Me, Myself, and I

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!   I am one who frequently looks backs – sometimes (in the case of genealogy research) looking back is helpful and necessary. In most instances, spending time questioning and worrying over what has come to pass only hinders my movement forward. 2019 will be a year of looking ahead, not back –Continue reading “2020 Vision: A Letter to Me, Myself, and I”

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Week Two

WEEK TWO UPDATE: The recipient of this week’s Petal of Appreciation is…me, myself, and I! This week I made a list of all the people I wanted to thank during this campaign. Some I’ve already sent letters to or written blog posts about, so I looked inward and realized how little I appreciate and valueContinue reading “Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Week Two”

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Intro

How often do we take the time to say “Thank you”, and “Your work is appreciated”?  Who made a positive impact on your life? Did you ever tell that person? Why wait or assume they already know? As I celebrate the anniversary of my birth this month, I pondered the question that family and friendsContinue reading “Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Intro”