Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 11, 2012

Done yet?

Did I really think my novel would be ready in a year?

Yes – actually i did.  I thought the mere fact that I finished a book would somehow be enough good energy to push open publishing doors.  That people would flock to read my creation simply because I wrote it.  Sure, I figured there’d need to be some edits but overall I believed I had a solid product.  A story I believe in, characters worth rooting for and a tone that young girls could relate to.

That was about 3 years ago! Since then I’ve done multiple edits for content, formatting, sentence structure and cohesive story problems.  Along the way of fleshing out the plot and characters I ended up adding more supporting characters and giving them sub-plots.  The tangled web was weaved!  So many ideas that I was really excited about.  In doing all that work, I realized I had drifted away from my original goal; Gracie.

My current status?  By moving one chapter from the middle of the current draft I’ve realized that my initial instincts were correct.  I tried to do too much at once.  Too many characters.  Too many settings.  I needed to cut back and so I am.  As a result, any lingering transition problems or consistency issues are fading away.

So that’s where I am…editing away!  Though my novel may not be ready for publication yet there’s one constant that remains; my passion for, and belief, in the story I am telling.

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