Motivational Monday Poem: Paving the Way

Paved with intentions, some stronger than others  The road keeps you moving forward  Like a ruler measuring your distance  Don’t look back to see your progress  As you could lose your footing  And miss a step Journey on til you reach a milestone  Acknowledging the ardous path  You’ve tread

Motivational Monday: Beauty Surrounds and Inspires

This week’s Motivational Monday poem focuses on finding inspiration from nature’s beauty and using it to create something beautiful.

Motivational Monday: Happy Labor Day

UNITED THEY STOOD United you stood So that one would not fall And in doing so, You protected us all The mountains were steep The rails, ardous But you kept moving forward Through dirt, grime, sweat, and tears You banded together In support of one another And a common cause Standing alongside, behind, and inContinue reading “Motivational Monday: Happy Labor Day”

Motivational Monday: Bloom and Grow

Tending to each petal With delicate touch and sense Fragile yet resilient In both beauty and depth The stem digs deep To find a connection Providing a sturdy base From which to grow Exists but only a time Enhancing the surroundings With color, vitality, and beauty.

Motivational Monday: Words in Thin Air

Words float aimlessly above Out of my reach even on the tips of my toes I try to grab the ones I seek Yet they bounce and spin out of grasp Fatigue sets in, and I relent Grabbing whichever I can hold on to I make use of the word in my hands Creating somethingContinue reading “Motivational Monday: Words in Thin Air”

Motivational Monday: Keep Writing

Must keep writing My book won’t finish itself The characters would stay stagnant Unless I keep moving the story forward   Must keep editing Line by line Page by page Catching inconsistencies And grammar errors   Must keep focused On the destination While on the journey Believe in the art And the author creating it.