Posted by: Kelly Deeny | September 28, 2015

Day Six of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey



DAY Six: A Little Push

Every now and again a little motivational push comes in handy. Such was the case tonight. After an eight-hour workday, I first posted this week’s Motivational Monday poem. Then later I finished an entry for a site of which I am a guest blogger.

I mistakenly laid down on the couch to watch the news and felt my body melt into the cushions. My eyelids fluttered, getting heavier and heavier. “No,” I demanded. “Get up and write.”

It took a few more repetitions before I pulled myself up and returned to my waiting pen and paper. After a decent amount of time, I sat back, pleased with my determination and productivity.

Sometimes, a little push of self-motivation goes a long way.



  1. Way to get yourself up and writing! I find it very helpful to have a notebook and pen within easy reach of my comfy couch. 🙂

    • So true, Eve! I started with the notebook on my lap but kept nodding off. Haha!

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