Motivational Monday: Keep Writing

Must keep writing My book won’t finish itself The characters would stay stagnant Unless I keep moving the story forward   Must keep editing Line by line Page by page Catching inconsistencies And grammar errors   Must keep focused On the destination While on the journey Believe in the art And the author creating it.


I’ve come so far Yet now’s the moment to decide Whether to find a way across Or remain isolated where I stand   Calm and serene As air meets water Nothing to fear but the unknown Does the depth of my will Keep my head above water   Shall I tread, ride, or fly InContinue reading “MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Ashore Thing”

Motivational Monday: Strings Attached

Tied for security You bob in the wind Never allowed to fly free Your beauty catches the eye For the gain of others   You escape to the sky The path uncertain but welcome Carried in the breeze across treetops and buildings You soar with ease and freedom   Passing friends along the way YouContinue reading “Motivational Monday: Strings Attached”