Posted by: Kelly Deeny | June 1, 2015


Ashore Thing

I’ve come so far

Yet now’s the moment to decide

Whether to find a way across

Or remain isolated where I stand


Calm and serene

As air meets water

Nothing to fear but the unknown

Does the depth of my will

Keep my head above water


Shall I tread, ride, or fly

In order to continue my path

Do I have the strength of body, mind, and spirit

To withstand the river’s fickle nature

Or will I succumb to fatigue


I can imagine all scenarios

From the ground on which I stand

Staring out towards a destination

I need to move forward

But won’t get far until I take a step.


  1. I love “does the depth of my will keep my head above water”! Beautiful.

    • I had to dig “deep” for that one! 😉 Thank you for the compliment.

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