Day 1 of the Love Write Now Pledge

Two days from the date of this post (in the second month of 2022), my debut novel turns 2!!!! Can you tell by my overuse of exclamation points how excited I am? 😉

About a month after THE SPIRIT PROJECTOR’s release in 2020 the world went quiet due to COVID-19; so too did my enthusiasm for writing. While many artists made the best out of a terrible situation, I put my pencil down. TSP is but the first in a planned trilogy, and book two is barely written.

Two years later, I feel renewed. Motivated. Excited. Determined. What’s the difference from then and now? The realization that love guides my very soul, in the choices I make and the goals to which I aspire.

I’m not talking about love in the romantic sense of the word; rather, a spiritual (notice how I didn’t say religious) foundation that guides me forward. I write because I love the act and art of it. I write for ME, not anyone else. Yet in publishing my novel, I became too caught up in whether others loved it. So much so that I fell out of love with writing for a time.

To reignite my passion, I pledge to write throughout the month of February. I will post a new entry every day, all focused in some way on the topic of LOVE. After all, my best writing tends to be from the heart!

Published by Kelly Deeny

I am a writer, singer, jewelry designer, and theatre enthusiast. I use various forms of artistic expression for personal reflection, community discussion and creative inspiration. My premiere novel encapsulates all of the above. Follow along on my journey towards an artistic career!

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