OPINION: Rebuilding America’s Foundation With Words and Actions

The words we choose matter; our choices and actions create lasting ramifications for future generations. As a genealogy enthusiast, author, and spiritual seeker, I select my words with care for they will outlive me. With all of the above in mind, I state resolutely:

The current resident of the White House is the most dangerous president in my lifetime. The natural disaster that is the DJT administration has severely damaged the foundation of which we stand, flooding our streets and destroying bridges with his divisiveness.

Such a declaration is one I make with the awareness that some friends and family will vehemently disagree. I cannot change the thoughts, values, or actions of others as much as I wish I could at times. If after four years of DJT’s weaponized words, fear-mongering, and openly-prejudiced policies, fellow Americans still champion such a man in the role of US President there is nothing more I could possibly say. For if his words do not sway them, then what makes me think mine would have any impact?

My words may not matter to all, but I continue to write for doing so provides clarity and spiritual reflection in the midst of a chaotic world. When intentional ignorance and bigotry spins us off our global axis, I get overwhelmed by helplessness. “How can this be? How can people I know to be decent, thoughtful, and kind knowingly defend a man so ill of mind and soul? How do they explain away his heinous acts? Do they not care? How can this be and will anything I do or say make a difference?”


After the electoral victor was awarded the US presidency in 2016, I didn’t just lose faith in American politics; I lost hope in the American people. How do they hear him say, “grab ‘em by the [bleep]” and deem him worthy of not only the respected role of United States President but view him as a decent human being? He did not have my respect in 2015 – and he has yet to earn it five years later. He calls neo-Nazis and white nationalists “very fine people”, creates policies that target Muslims, and cages immigrant children. He seeks unflinching loyalty from federal employees while showing none. He publicly invites a foreign government to “find the emails” of his political rival (a former Secretary of State, First Lady, and above all a US citizen) – an action which was worthy of immediate disqualification for the position he sought. His history of weaponizing words and spreading misinformation led to one of the most devastating attacks on America’s institutions this past January 6th.


The American people who defend him and excuse away his words/actions, and Republican governors; senators; and representatives who choose potential job security over that of their constituents, have left him unaccountable and thus endangered us all. They propped him up like an upside-down bible all to calm the waves they hope will ultimately guide them to shore unharmed. They may not have caused the storm of He-Who-Plays-King, but they certainly increased its destructiveness. As the flood waters crashed against America’s foundation, they watched aloof – casually tossing out life preservers with no care of reaching their targets.

When they had the chance to hold him to account, they chose cowardice in the face of blatant truth. The number of mass casualties continues to rise daily and they’ve proved themselves unwilling, though capable, of aiding in the rescue efforts.

It will take a joining of hands (gloved, if necessary, and reflective of our diverse country), wading in the water to rebuild the bridge intentionally destroyed with hate, anger, fear, and violence. Piece by piece, stone by stone, hand by hand we will repair the foundation of our nation; one which was built with the tears, blood, and spirit of ALL Americans. Will you join me in the reconstruction?

May these words matter!

Published by Kelly Deeny

I am a writer, singer, jewelry designer, and theatre enthusiast. I use various forms of artistic expression for personal reflection, community discussion and creative inspiration. My premiere novel encapsulates all of the above. Follow along on my journey towards an artistic career!

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