Motivational Monday Poem: Water Fall


IMG_5841 (2)

Nourishing the body

Cleansing the soul

Water both heals and harms


Washes away sins perceived and actual

Unlearned lessons replacing the empty space

Melts away the layer of anger and vengeance

Oozing from an emerald past unseen


Quenches the thirst for medicinal healing

While unwittingly spreading disease

Removes a dirtied film

Which hides the beauty beneath


Nurtured by science and spirit

Water falls in torrents, waves, and streams

Revealing Her pain, calling for aid,

And awakening spirits.

Published by Kelly Deeny

I am a writer, singer, jewelry designer, and theatre enthusiast. I use various forms of artistic expression for personal reflection, community discussion and creative inspiration. My premiere novel encapsulates all of the above. Follow along on my journey towards an artistic career!

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