Posted by: Kelly Deeny | February 14, 2016

Sunday SoulJourn: Hollywood, Here I Come

I’m preparing for a new SoulJourn in this my year of confidence! There will be a SPRING in my step come March as I spend the few months that follow in the city with stars in its eyes, on its billboards, and imprinted in its sidewalks.
2016-02-14 12.18.25

I’m packing a bag, driving from east to west (with a traveling companion), and enjoying the company of family while I pound the star-embedded pavement. The stay is temporary, that is until I find a sustainable employment position. Then, I’ll make the move official.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ve likely noticed that I pay specific attention to the television industry. I have always known that my professional career would blossom within the entertainment community, but I didn’t have a clear vision as to how, when, or where those dreams would shift into reality. What I did know for certain was that my respect for those in front of and behind the camera needed to be shared. I wanted to know how a scene came together, what set life was really like, and whether creativity and artistry existed in the midst of production.

Now, I take a step towards discovering the answers to that which I seek. My eyes are not covered by rose-colored glasses or blocked by the glamour of celebrity. I’m moving forward, but I do so with companions, friends, and family supporting the journey.

I am a writer. I am an artistic spirit. I am an entertainment girl to my very core.


*Have you every packed and moved for your preferred career? Do you struggle with self-confidence?*


  1. Good luck! Enjoy and take lots of pictures!

    • Thank you! There may even be some videos along the way. 🙂

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