Posted by: Kelly Deeny | January 11, 2016

Day 111 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Motivational Monday

A heartfelt thank you to all who accompanied me on the 111 Day Writer’s Journey. Whether you’ve been here since Day 1 or met along the path, I’m grateful for the “likes”, “shares”, and comments. Your words of encouragement when I stumbled helped keep me moving.

As I move forward along a new path, this writer’s journey does not end – merely veers and curves. Since so many of you enjoyed the Motivational Monday poems I end the 111DWJ with this:

2016-01-11 22.18.27

Through weathered terrain 

And unexpected obstacles 

This writer’s journey continues


Across pebbled walkways, 

Gravel roads, and Mother Earth’s resources 

Each step leaves an imprint 


Like the veins of a leaf

My story is one of choice 

Rooted in connections past, present, and future.




  1. Brava, you did it! 111 days! It’s only the beginning of many writerly accomplishments to come. I’m honored to have been part of your journey.

    • Thank you, Eve! I’m so glad our writing journeys crossed.

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