Day Forty-Six of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

*Delayed entry…Day 47’s post will be available later today.*
DAY 46: Deflating the Holiday Spirit

I absolutely, positively, without question love the winter holiday season. Memories of decorating the fake tree with family ornaments passed down through generations and new, and personalized, creations to spruce some extra life to the overall decor filled my spirit with joy an unwavering love.

Decorating for the holidays isn’t just a frivolous or superficial act that wastes time or money – It is, in fact, a time to focus on the positive instead of the negative. It’s about creating an ambiance that brings smiles to the faces of the young and not so young. It’s about individuality and paying tribute to ancestral heritage.

Did your family always put a plastic nativity scene on the front lawn? Did your parents use the same outdoor lights each and every year? Where did you hang your stockings? By the fireplace, with care (because without care would ruin the holiday for all)? Did the jolly guy in the red suit enter through the chimney or your front door because your house did not come with a fireplace?

I am a traditional sort of girl because I loved the way my parents decorated for the holidays. I adored the fact that each of the four girls had handmade stockings (with our names on them) from our great-grandmother. I loved the antique ornaments mixed with the attempt-at-art creations we brought home from kindergarten. I loved that we used to open one present on Christmas Eve and then wait with excitement for morning to come.

Driving to see the holiday lights is a tradition that never gets old no matter how much we age. From a creativity standpoint, it’s inspiring to see how other people decorate. Do they only use red and green, blue and white, multi-colored, or stay simplistic with a single star on the roof or wooden sled on the front yard? The beauty created instantly helps alleviate stress – my heart lightens and my soul smiles.

Last evening I ventured to the local home improvement store while my parents picked up a new specialty-shaped light sculpture for their outdoor decor. My smiled stayed broad as I gazed at the beautifully-lit stars, snowflakes, polar bears, reindeer, and yes even the pink flamingo. And then I looked up and my heart sank as the massive Santa inflatable swayed back and forth – looming over me.


I despise inflatables. Perhaps “despise” is a strong word to use, but it’s apropos in this case. They deflate my holiday spirit by their utter lack of beauty, tradition, and innovative holiday design. They are complete and utter eye sores that I wouldn’t cry one tear over if a wind storm carried them all away like a line of waiting nannies holding umbrellas.

Am I being overly critical over what may be a beloved family tradition? Perhaps homeowners choose to decorate with inflatables because they showcase whimsy, fun, or a sense of humor? I am resolved that this winter season I will think less harshly about inflatable holiday decor. I may consider them as a waste of money, space, and artistic ingenuity, but others clearly do not. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t smile a little if the yard spit them back out.

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I am a writer, singer, jewelry designer, and theatre enthusiast. I use various forms of artistic expression for personal reflection, community discussion and creative inspiration. My premiere novel encapsulates all of the above. Follow along on my journey towards an artistic career!

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