Posted by: Kelly Deeny | October 17, 2015

Day Twenty-Five of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey



DAY 25: On the Page

I am a writer who has no interest in electronic books. I fight the ultimate shift to a digital age with every fiber of my being. Is downloading a 300 page novel onto a lightweight, portable device more convenient? Sure, but I’d much rather have a creation I can hold, one that gets worn over time, and passed down through generations. As I intend to do with this favorite:

Expected One

There’s a palpable electricity when I hold a book in my hands, as though I have a deeper appreciation of all the hard work and passion that went into the creation. I love going to book stores or libraries and flipping through pages. I treasure the handwritten letters I received from friends and the one I have that my great-great grandmother wrote 116 years ago.

I understand and expect that digital versions of my novels will be necessary upon publication. However, I’d much rather hope that a young girl reads my stories, keeps signed copies on her bookshelf, and passes the well-loved collection to her children.



  1. Another lovely blog post, Kelly. I read my first digital book about a month ago and, yes, that artificial book iwas convenient, but it definitely didn’t provide the same tactile and sentimental experience of holding a real book.

    • I tried a few times to read books via a digital/electronic format, but I wasn’t as invested in the story. I’ll have to adapt, I suppose, just not yet. 😉

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