Posted by: Kelly Deeny | December 30, 2014

Day 79 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge

111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge: Spiritual Growth Through Creative Expression

Day 79: Something’s Bugging Me

I wasn’t originally going to post today’s entry. After all, I’ve just spent the past 24 hours doing battle with a stomach bug or mild case of the flu. Writing a blog entry wasn’t high on my to-do list.

Then I realized that I made a promise and no annoying bug was going to squash my progress.

So I don’t have anything profound or artistic to write about, but I wanted to make sure I wrote something.

Stop back tomorrow for an entry more in line with prior ones.


**I am an Artistic Spirit! For most of my life I’ve used the creative arts as a source of spiritual exploration and healing, even though I didn’t always do so consciously. Sometimes I was the instrument creating the art and other times I was on the receiving end. The connection between art and spirituality is so significant in my life that it’s infused into everything I do. I love music, theatre, television drama series (daytime and primetime), and creative writing and find fulfillment in artistic expression of various sorts: singing, acting, and jewelry design. Throughout the next 32 days, I’ll delve into how all of the above strengthens my spirit and has saved my life on more than one occasion.**

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