Day 31 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge

111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge: Spiritual Growth Through Creative Expression

I write characters better than I sketch them!
I write characters better than I sketch them!

Day 31: Dramatic Writing

Working as a writer on a dramatic series was a dream that belonged to a teenage girl who hoped and wished. I now know without hesitation that the dream is not only possible but probable. It’ll take hard work – work that I’m ready, willing, and able to manage.

Throughout years of volunteer work with teenagers, I took great pride in telling them to reach for their dreams and to believe in themselves. After many years of not practicing what I preached, I turned the advice inward. I gave credence to the talents that I valued but seldom trusted would guide me forward on a professional level.

Right before I started this pledge, I wrote about my journey towards an entertainment-related career. While declaring my passion for various forms of artistic endeavors, I came to the realization that I have something beneficial to offer the entertainment industry.

  • COMPLEX CHARACTERS: The characters I create and those I root for on dramatic series must have inner turmoil on some level. I strive to develop situations where the labels of “protagonist” and “antagonist” no longer apply. It is through conflict exploration both internal and external that the characters develop, thus adding depth and complexity to the entire canvas.
  • DIALOGUE: When I start a new story, it’s the dialogue that moves it forward. I can write idea after idea about what’s going to happen, but once the characters start conversing, the story takes on a life all its own. I find it not only exciting but creatively stimulating to create dialogue for each character that gives them a unique voice.
  • APPRECIATION: The profound respect, admiration, and appreciation I have for the TV drama industry continues to inspire me on a daily basis. I love watching behind-the-scenes videos, reading interviews from Executive Producers and Show Runners, and discussing the episodes with viewers who share in my excitement. I hold this industry in high regard while also being able to look at it objectively.

In this pursuit, I would love to gain insight from those currently in the Dramatic Writing profession. Understanding the paths they took may help guide me along my own.

**I am an Artistic Spirit! For most of my life I’ve used the creative arts as a source of spiritual exploration and healing, even though I didn’t always do so consciously. Sometimes I was the instrument creating the art and other times I was on the receiving end. The connection between art and spirituality is so significant in my life that it’s infused into everything I do. I love music, theatre, television drama series (daytime and primetime), and creative writing and find fulfillment in artistic expression of various sorts: singing, acting, and jewelry design. Throughout the next 80 days, I’ll delve into how all of the above strengthens my spirit and has saved my life on more than one occasion.**

Published by Kelly Deeny

I am a writer, singer, jewelry designer, and theatre enthusiast. I use various forms of artistic expression for personal reflection, community discussion and creative inspiration. My premiere novel encapsulates all of the above. Follow along on my journey towards an artistic career!

2 thoughts on “Day 31 of the Artistic Spirit Pledge

  1. It usually is a “can’t see the forest through the trees” kind of thing. We can’t see our good stuff through the things we think we need to change. How many of us really live as we advise? I think the trick is to be aware of a flaw without dwelling on it. That’s the place for improvement and it’s a gift to be able see where it is. Otherwise… how would you know?

    1. You make excellent points and pose intriguing questions. Not dwelling on our flaws is key yet sometimes the key is worn and the lock needs fixing. When we allow the perceived flaws to define us then it affects not only our self-image but how we view the world around us. At the same time, ignoring the flaws completely is unhealthy on many levels. Acknowledging our strengths and areas for improvement gives us balance to keep moving forward.

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