Posted by: Kelly Deeny | October 10, 2014

111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge

111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge: Spiritual Growth Through Creative Expression

This pledge is not intended to promote any specific religious affiliation.

Starting October 13th and lasting until January 31, 2015, I hereby pledge to foster spiritual reflection through artistic exploration.

Each daily post will feature any of the following:

  • How the creative arts helped me

  • Tips/insights/suggestions on ways to deepen your own artistic side

  • Personal reflections on how art and spirituality are linked

  • Resources to study this topic in greater detail

  • Miscellaneous tidbits

Art and Spirituality are profound tools for personal growth. When you put them together, the possibilities are boundless!

Over the course of one hundred and eleven days, I will share some of what I experience in the hopes that it provides inspiration or motivation to those who may seek it. If you are so inclined to join in on the pledge, please do!
As I move ahead, please share your own insights about the connection between art and spirituality. Reading about what works for you may offer a fresh perspective to someone else who currently struggles along their own path.




  1. […] be told, I haven’t been as invested or excited about this venture as the I did last year (111 Day Artistic Spirit Pledge). I’m 43 days in and have skipped days, ultimately blending two in one on numerous occasions. […]

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