Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 26, 2015

Day Sixty-Five of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey: Thankful

111 Day WJ


DAY 65: Happy Thanksgiving 

I hope your day was filled with love, laughter, and wondrous food. Even more so, I hope you had an opportunity to reflect upon that for which you are thankful.

May the gratitude and thankfulness continue on long after the leftovers.


Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 25, 2015

Days 63 & 64 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey


2015-11-25 18.08.36

Use the image above as creative inspiration for a short story, poem, or letter of appreciation. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating this holiday!


Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 23, 2015

Day Sixty-Two of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY 62: Motivational Monday Poem

2015-11-23 14.53.14


Reach for the moon 

Visible or hidden

Dreams only a short distance away

Don’t just make a wish,

Make a decision 


Keep your feet planted,

Rooted in depth and perception

A journey traveled in linear time

A spirit unaccustomed to the restriction


Earth to sky

And the in between 

Realms of possibilities.



Day 61: A Beautiful Sight

Staring at a blank screen, the cursor teasing me with its incessant blinking. “Come on. Write,” it implores. “As you wish,” I reply.

I stare at my not-so-smart phone, and wait eagerly for the light that notifies me of electronic interaction with friends and strangers.

I stare at the movie screen, enthralled with the story and impressed by a screenplay that inspires me to keep writing.

I stare at the words of fiction that implore me to continue typing, determined to tell a story that matters to me.  

I stare at the evening sky, the setting sun painting nature’s canvas with vivid strokes of pinks and purples.

I stare at my reflection when the computer falls asleep, and see beauty that pales in comparison to that which my camera captures.

I turn my gaze away from sights unbecoming of the woman that I am. I cannot control the beauty of nature, but I can add to it when I view beauty within.



Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 21, 2015

Days 58-60 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

Even though I don’t post every day as of late, I am still writing. The quality and quantity may not meet my goals, but I’m learning a great deal in the process.


Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 19, 2015

Day Fifty-Seven of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

111 Day WJ


DAY 57: Writing Prompt Thursday

You know the routine…use the image below as creative inspiration. Draft a short story, poem, song, or in-depth article about the joys of cake!

2015-11-19 12.54.09

Happy writing!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 17, 2015

Day Fifty-Six of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY 56: Visual Learner

I am a very visual person. As such, I prefer the worlds in my stories to capture attention and spark the imagination.

2015-11-17 22.28.00

Today’s writing adventure involved building the visual world in my New Adult Fantasy novel. I can see the action, the characters, and the setting so  clearly that I sometimes feel extra pressure to get it across on paper.


I must continue to remind myself not to edit as I go. Once I have a draft complete THEN I can pick it apart. Right now, I’m enjoying where the story leads!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 16, 2015

Days 54 & 55 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

DAY 54: Under the Weather Related

I managed to write a few paragraphs over the course of the day. My mind was too preoccupied with how under the weather I felt. I went to bed very early, a fitful night followed.

I spent the next day home from work, my body exhausted. Even as I waited in the doctor’s office, I stared at a blank page and couldn’t write a sentence.

And then I realized that my hour-long wait was a perfect fit for a Motivational Monday poem.

2015-11-16 22.05.10

DAY 55: Motivational Monday poem

Waiting with arms outstretched 

We hope for someone to find us

To lift us out of misery

To raise our spirits

To heal our wounds

Why wait when we can do it ourselves? 


Family, friendship, 

A community of support 

Link us together 

But when one stumbles

The rest keep moving 

With arms outstretched 

Not to rescue but to inspire.

*I initially thought that posting the entry below would seem inconsequential after the recent atrocities in our world. Then, I realized that writing about moments that make me smile, in the midst of tragedy, matters.*


DAY 53: Soaps + Writing = Creative Inspiration

SOAP OPERA DIGEST celebrated its 40th Anniversary recently, and it stirred up visions of a dream career I thought long-since past. Soap operas were one my earliest passions – right alongside music. I’d watch them with intense interest and my face would light up when discussing “my shows” with other viewers. I’d speak with enthusiasm about characters I rooted for and not only knew the character’s names but more importantly, those of the male and female actors.

When I was thirteen, I declared that I would one day be a soap opera writer – one of the only times I clearly and definitively stated my career goals. It was around that time when I bought my first issues of SOAP OPERA DIGEST. That particular cover featured actresses who portrayed some of my favorite characters at the time: Kristina Wagner, Katharine Kelly Lang, and Cathy Podewell. From then on, I walked to the local convenience store every other Tuesday to buy the newest issue. I couldn’t wait to get home and read all about the shows and the artists who created the work.

I had my staple shows, the ones that I would stop watching when I wasn’t invested in the storyline but could tune back in at any time. When friends introduced me to their favorite soaps, which aired on competing time slots/networks, I would pull out my stack of saved Digests and catch up via the storyline recaps.

The three decades of daytime drama viewing left an indelible imprint on this writer’s artistic spirit. I don’t have an evil twin, but my protagonists’ struggles tend to be internal. I haven’t been married five times, but I do tend to infuse romance into the stories I write. The serialized format of soap operas appeals to me because life is a continuous journey. As we walk that journey, we never knew who’s path will intersect with ours.


Thank you, Soap Opera Digest, for supporting an industry that so many of us adore. Thank you for continuing to highlight the talented artists in front of and behind the scenes. Thank you for creating crossword puzzles that I can actually complete!!! Oh, and thank you for inspiring this wanna-be soap writer to keep writing.

*No endorsement by anyone associated with SOAP OPERA DIGEST, its affiliates, sponsors, or parent company is implied.*

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | November 13, 2015

Days 51 & 52 of the 111 Day Writer’s Journey

I didn’t know what to write about today – so many topics swirling around this artist’s mind. Then, I read about the tragedy in Paris and all the swirling ceased.

The world’s hurting tonight, and any arrangement of words wouldn’t aptly express my thoughts. I’ll post again tomorrow, but for now I sign off with this request: Please say a prayer or send healing energy for the people of Paris.

Je t’aime, Paris! 

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