Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 20, 2015

Motivational Monday: A Writer’s Half-Empty Glass



Expecting a poem?

I was too until I realized that my poetry juices were too bitter to the taste this week. Instead of mixing together a concoction of words, phrases, and a hint of lyricism, I decided to pour a cup of self-sympaTEA.

Some days I wake up grumpy, miserable, and not ready to be grateful/joyful/pleasant. Nothing I try on looks right or feels comfortable. I forego styling my hair for an extra ten minutes of mediation (aka cat napping) before I have to leave for work. Sometimes I’m just tired and that’s okay.

I’m not perfect. I’m not always dressed stylishly or adorned with jewelry. I don’t always have a positive outlook. I occasionally have no desire to sing along to the car radio. “What’s wrong with her?” you may wonder. “No need to fret,” I’d reply. I’m just realizing that it’s a-okay to have not some cheerful days and that it’s much better to admit to that than pretend everything’s fine.

So, raise your glass and drink up if you agree!
Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 15, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Afternoon Tea

2015-07-15 07.24.32

Two strangers seated at the table. What happens next?

Be creative! Have fun! Write!!!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 13, 2015

Motivational Monday: An Artistic Soul

Special thanks to my school-age niece for arranging the props!

Special thanks to my school-age niece for arranging the props!

Where? For art, thou must live

Deep within the cocoon of soul

Blooming and growing in spending colors

Creativity streaming from all angles


Paint the picture clear as day in your imagination,

Creating a work worthy of art’s label

Compose a song that lingers on repeat

Write the story in your mind’s eye

Dance like the entire world is watching

Entranced, step by glorious step


Where art resides, so too does spirit

The two working in tandem

Raising us all to a harmonizing frequency

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 8, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Wood You Like To Write

2015-07-07 22.38.08

Use the image above as creative inspiration. Draft a short story, poem, song, or in-depth article on open space conservation.

Have fun and keep writing!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 6, 2015

Motivational Monday: Fluttering My Writing Wings


Like a butterfly trapped within

My artistic spirit yearns to soar

Its flapping wings a constant reminder

Of its presence and need for freedom

An independent spirit

Fluttering her wings

Searching the land

For a place to call home

When I release the constraints

And let the butterfly soar

The writing deepens in meaning

And the artistic spirit flies free!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 5, 2015

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Wrap Up

FINAL WEEK: Independence Days

I thought long and hard about what to write about on the final week of the Petals of Appreciation campaign. Given that July 4th is such an important occasion in my beloved country, I figured I SHOULD focus on those who formed this country and the ones who continue to fight for it. However, every time I sat down to put my words of appreciation into a coherent post, I couldn’t adequately express my thanks. So, I decided not to force a “Thank You” post based on perceived expectations; the result is as follows:



  • To those who founded the United States of America, who signed our constitution, and battled for independence.
  • To those brave men and women who fought to maintain our freedom and those who currently serve in the United States military.
  • To the pioneers of social justice – for standing up and making your voice heard amidst anger, confusion, miscommunication, and fear
  •  To the millions of travelers who left their homeland in search of a new one, my ancestors included among them
  • To the peacekeepers, mediators, and hopeful optimists who keep us from becoming immersed in anger, power, control, and fear
  • To the small business owners, entrepreneurs, and inventors who help our country thrive with creativity, artistry, perseverance, and confidence
  • To those who choose positions of elected leadership despite the stigma, negativity, and assumptions that greet them at each term
  • To my fellow citizens who love this country but don’t always like us very much – you make us stronger by opening discussions, prompting respectful discourse, and seeking growth on both an individual and societal level

Though I may not always agree with the choices made by those who represent us, I will always be proud to be an American!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | July 1, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Morning Glory



Write…just write…don’t overthink or over analyze…what does this image inspire you to write about?

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | June 29, 2015

Motivational Monday: Rollercoaster Inspiration

Photo taken at Hershey Park (no endorsement implied)

Photo taken at Hershey Park (no endorsement implied)

We wait with anticipation

Time inching by

Until we strap in and start accelerating

Up we go, excited for what comes next

And not wanting the ride to end


In the moment, we’re flying free

The miniature setting below just a blur

We’re consumed by the exhilaration

Unconcerned with the problems that await us

We speed through the air, constrained yet not


Right side up

And upside down

Twists and turns

Fast then slow

We come to a halt yet the ride of our life is already moving.

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | June 21, 2015

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Happy Father’s Day


2015-06-21 22.12.03

This week’s Petals of Appreciation celebrates the fathers in my life: my dad, my brothers-in-law, friends, uncles, and grandpops. Here are some examples of why you deserve my appreciation today and everyday:

  • You impart a love of learning – reading to them at night and doing homework
  • You support their extracurricular interests – going to dance recitals, athletic events, and gymnastic classes
  • You are both structured and loving – providing them security and a safe environment in which to grow
  • You make them laugh and hold them when they cry
  • You tell them they are loved and reassure them of that fact every single day

To all the fathers out there (whether through genetics or adoption) who raise up instead of knocking down, I celebrate you. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | June 17, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Word Trio


Use the three words in the image above as creative inspiration. What will you create?

Have fun and keep writing!

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