Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 25, 2015

Motivational Monday: In Memorium

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Along this uncertain path that is our life

We keep moving forward despite the unknown

The unstable ground and mist-streamed sky

Halt our progress only temporarily


Forward we march toward our goals

With determination, perseverance, and bravery

Breaking through the clouds

Though the journey may encounter danger

We find peace in the knowledge that we are never alone


We walk on despite the pain, fear, and doubt

Towards a future we want to experience

One filled with hope, love, compassion, and peace

For ourselves and the generations that follow

May we lead them with honor

We move forward in mind, body, or spirit

Leaving a trail of bootprints behind

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 23, 2015

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Memorial Day


In honor of Memorial Day, this week’s “letter of appreciation” pays tribute to my Uncle Frank and all his brothers and sisters in service who did not return.

Thank you to all who served!

Thank you to all who served!

Forty-seven years ago this week, my father’s brother was killed in action during the Vietnam War. The 18-year-old Army PFC left behind a wife, infant daughter, parents, younger brother, and five sisters. His siblings tell stories about Frank and his habit of getting into mischief, playing pranks, and making them smile. I frequently wonder about the young man who made such an impact on those I love and the one he would’ve been had his life taken a different path.

We can’t change the past nor overwhelm our thoughts with “what ifs”, but we can carry with us the memories and stories of those no longer with us. It is with a heavy heart and a thankful spirit that I often think of the brave soldier who ran toward danger when so many run from it. What can I learn from the tragic and violent end to my uncle’s brief life? That I can’t wait for my life to take shape. I must treasure every moment, be present, follow my heart, and keep moving forward despite the unknown.

I wish I’d known you, Uncle Frank, and I know that somehow you’ve been here with your loved ones through all the joys and struggles since your spirit and body parted ways. You’re likely causing havoc in the afterlife with your parents and sister, but I hope you know how much you are loved and missed.

Join the Petals of Appreciation Campaign:


Each week, from now until June 30th, 2015, send one Thank You letter to someone who made a positive impact on your life: family member, friend, mentor, teacher, police officer, social justice champion, musician, actor/actress, writer, author…the list goes on.

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 20, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Location


Pick a country different than the one in which you currently reside and use it as creative inspiration.

  • Make it the setting for a short story, song, or screenplay.
  • Write a personal essay about why this particular location interests you.
  • Draft a journalistic-style article about said location.

Most importantly, don’t second guess your artistic ideas. Just write, then edit later!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 18, 2015

Motivational Monday: The Day of My Birth




I celebrate the day of my birth

Thankful to be present

Despite the hurdles at the onset

Getting older doesn’t cause me dread

It fills me with anticipation instead


I arrived ahead of schedule

My spirit ready before my body

Required nourishment for both

As thunder rolled and lightning struck

I entered the world ready to fight


I celebrate the joining of spirit with body

Though the two often spar

As time passes, my resilience deepens

And my intention to live a full life sometimes wanes

But I still seek balance in mind, body, and spirit


Fragile in body though strong of spirit

Led to an active and curious mind

As the three blend together, my life’s enhanced

And that’s worth celebrating not only annually, but daily!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 16, 2015

Petals of Appreciation Campaign: Intro

How often do we take the time to say “Thank you”, and “Your work is appreciated”?  Who made a positive impact on your life? Did you ever tell that person? Why wait or assume they already know?

As I celebrate the anniversary of my birth this month, I pondered the question that family and friends would frequently ask: “What do you want for your birthday this year?” While there are plenty of material items on my non-existent birthday registry (i.e. screenwriting software, DVD sets of my favorite TV series, and gift certificates to spas and restaurants), what I truly want is for loved ones and strangers alike to join me in the Petals of Appreciation Campaign.

PoA Intro


Each week, from now until June 30th, 2015, send one Thank You letter to someone who made a positive impact on your life: family member, friend, mentor, teacher, police officer, social justice champion, musician, actor/actress, writer, author…the list goes on.

  • Send a Thank You card or hand-written letter via mail (yes, the postal service still exists)
  • Tweet, comment on posts, or endorse a prior colleague for their exceptional skills via social media platforms
  • Write a blog post and share it on social media. Ask friends and family to help you spread the message.
  • Get crafty and make a gift by hand
  • Visit a loved one’s gravesite, bring flowers, and say what you always wanted them to know but rarely verbalized
  • Donate your time or money to a cause that matters to you or the person who inspired you

These are just some ideas to consider over the next six weeks. I will check in towards the end of each week, with an update on my campaign progress and would love for you to share your progress.

*I’m not asking you to share the contents of your letter, as they may be personal and should remain as such. However, like my Thank You to the REVENGE Cast and Crew blog post, there may be others out there who share your sentiments. Please use your own judgment when deciding whether to make a letter public for all to see.*
Please use #PetalsOfAppreciation when discussing the campaign on social media.
Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 13, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Word Trio


Use the three words in the image as a source of writing inspiration. It could be fiction or non-fiction.

Let’s get creative!

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 11, 2015

Motivational Monday: A Rocky Road


Riding along the water’s surface

The smooth, multi-colored stone carries us with it

Our thoughts, emotions, wishes, and grievances

We count its skips and the distance it travels

Yet we watch without letting go


Pebble 2

We traverse a rocky road

Covered with pebbles of all colors, shapes, and sizes

Our worn souls tread on

Despite the imbalance beneath our soles

Nature pulls and heals if only we let her


Pebble 3

Standing at the ocean’s edge

The rocks welcome the cleansing

We close our eyes and listen intently

To the magnificence of the moment

We stand with as much strength

As the rocks that support us.

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 6, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: A Lovely Duo



Write a story that features two characters. They could be living/dead, human/not, or biographical/fictional.

There is no restriction on style or length. Just write!

Remember to use #WritingPromptWednesday on social media to connect with others.

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | May 4, 2015

Motivational Monday: Grave Markers


More than names and dates

Our ancestral lineage lives on

Through stories, memories,

And mementos treasured through generations


Plots of land mark those who’ve passed on

People loved, despised, or a blend of the two

They made an impact, yet

Has the effect withstood the test of time


Debate remains over religious and spiritual significance

Of what happens when death meets life

Does our belief in what happened to the spirit of others

Affect our actions and the lessons we can learn from those who came before


Tears fill the eyes while we talk to an etched gravestone

Our emotions, regrets, and hopes overflowing to the energy around us

Do we talk to be heard

Or to hear ourselves more clearly


We can choose to keep moving forward

Even when overwhelmed with the past

In telling the stories of those long since gone

We open our hearts and minds to live more fully.

Posted by: Kelly Deeny | April 29, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: On Your Own



What does the image above inspire you to create? Write a short story, poem, song, essay, or piece of fan fiction. Let your imagination take hold without second-guessing where the words will take you.

I’d love to read the finished works, so please comment below and share the link to your blog or website.  If you don’t have either of those, tell me about your experience.  What style of writing did you choose?  Did you start in one direction and the story end up somewhere completely different?

Please use the hashtag #WritingPromptWednesday on social media sites to connect with others who are doing the prompts.

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